Office 365 Attachment Dynamic Delivery

Our ongoing commitment is to provide a secure set of systems while maintaining convenience.  We are happy to introduce Dynamic Delivery of Email Attachments.

Last year, we introduced Advanced Threat Protection.  After going through the standard Office 365 protection process of three anti-virus engines and multiple spam filters, an email with a suspicious attachment enters the Safe Attachment environment, which analyzes the attachment and determine whether or not it’s safe—a process that typically takes 5–7 minutes.

With Dynamic Delivery of Safe Attachments, we eliminated that delay by sending the body of the email with a placeholder attachment, while the actual suspicious attachment undergoes a Safe Attachment scan. Recipients can read and respond to the message, which includes notification that the original attachment is being analyzed.

  • If the real attachment is cleared, it replaces the placeholder.
  • if not, the admin can filter out the unwanted and potentially malicious attachment.

This feature is available by opt-in.  To opt-in to Dynamic Delivery, email

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