2nd Floor Conference Room Setup

Document on how to set the conference/collaboration room on the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor Conference Room/Collaboration Room

Setting up a Presentation

  1. Prerequisites
  • Get a loaner laptop or use yours where not needed.
  • Locate a HDMI or VGA/Audio-in cable in the Conference Room.
  • Locate the Control Panel for the conferencing device.
  1. Plug your desired connector cable into the wall, HDMI or VGA/Audio-in cable. The HDMI cable carries both voice and audio while the VGA needs the Audio-in cable before it can produce an audio output.

  2. Locate the ON/OFF switch on the wall to bring the Projector Screen down, set it back to Neutral to balance the settings. To power OFF, Press the OFF button and set it back to the center to balance the settings.

  3. To bring up the DISPLAY, Connect the computer to the Projector and see it come on automatically.
  4. To End Session, Disconnect the computer from the Projector and Slide down the Projector Screen.

How to make a Call

  1. 2nd floor conference room does not have a phone service.

How to Mute Mics/Adjust Volume

  1. 2nd Floor Conference room does not have that capability.
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