7th Floor Conference Room Setup

Article on how to set up the conference room on the 7th floor.

Setting up a Presentation

  1. Prerequisites
  • Get a loaner laptop or use yours where not needed.
  • Locate a HDMI or VGA/Audio-in cable in the Conference Room.
  • Locate the Control Panel for the conferencing device.
  • For Dial-in Conferencing, the room number is 202-639-6428.
  1. Plug the desired connector cable into the wall, HDMI or VGA/Audio-in cable. The HDMI cable carries both voice and audio while the VGA needs the Audio-in cable before it can produce an audio output.

  2. Touch the Control Panel screen to turn it on.

  3. For Presentation, Tap on ‘Presentation’.

  4. Select the ‘Laptop’ icon on the Control Panel.
    Select one or all of the ‘Display(s) that you want your laptop object displayed on. Ensure that the ‘Laptop’ icon is visible below each device, which is either the ‘displays’ or ‘audio’.

How to make a Call

  1. Select ‘Audio TeleConference’ to show the key pad.

  2. To type the dial-out Number, Click Dial (Note: type 91 before any non 202 number and for 202 take out 202 and type in ‘9’ i.e 443-465-6423 would be dialed as 91-443-465-6423 and 202-342-4575 will be dialed as 9-342-4575.

    a. Dial-in Number for this conference room is 202-639-6428
    b. Room Speakers and Microphones must be unmuted for a successful call.

How to mute mics/Adjust volume
1. To mute the mic, simply tap the ‘Mic’ icon and to adjust the volume tap left speaker to decrease the sound and the right mic to increase it.

  1. To confirm that everyone can be heard over a call by unmuting the table microphones closest to them.

  2. To End Session, shut down the Control Panel by clicking on the power button at the top right corner of the screen.
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