11th Floor Conference Room Setup

This is an Article on how to setup the Conference Room on the 11th Floor.

Setting up a Presentation

  1. Locate the ‘Control Panel’ for the conferencing device.

  2. After locating the ‘Control Panel’ tap ‘Present’. After that plug your desired connector cable into the wall, VGA/Audio-in (1 - Preferred) or HDMI (2) cable. The VGA needs the Audio-in cable before it can produce an audio output and the HDMI normally carries both but in the case of the 11th Floor Conference room, the HDMI cable carries video alone and you will need an alternate source for the audio.
  • To Present using the VGA/Audio-in cable, Click on ‘Analog Laptop Frnt’ (2).
  • To Present using the HDMI cable, ‘Click on Digital Laptop Frnt’.
  • To Drop down the Projector Screen, Click on ‘Projector’ (3.1).
  • To use Monitor Front (3.2), Click on it on the Control Panel and ‘Turn on the Monitor’ (TV) by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.
  • To use Monitor Middle (3.3), Click on it on the Control Panel, it comes on automatically.
  • To use Monitor Back (3.4), Click on it on the Control Panel and locate its remote control (Haier) to power it on.

How to make a Call
1. In the beginning of the ‘Control Panel’ tap, ‘Audio Conf’.

2. While on the ‘Audio Teleconference’ page, type the ‘Dial-Out’ number and click ‘Dial’ (Note: DO NOT type "9" before any number)

The ‘Dial-In’ number is 202-777-3072 (Note: Dial in calls are automatically picked up after the second ring).

How to mute Mics/Adjust the volume
1. To mute the mics, simply tap the ‘Ceiling Mics Switch to turn it on and off or tap the ‘Room Mute’ to mute the room. To adjust the volume, tap the volume symbol which is shown below.

2. In this conference room, there are overflow mics. To use the ‘Overflow Mics’, tap ‘Settings’. Then on the ‘Settings’ page, tap ‘Overflow’ on the screen to turn it on.

3. To end the conference session, shut down the ‘Control Panel’ by clicking the system off on the top right corner of the screen.

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