Getting the Most From Your AT&T Reservationless Conference Calls

As an AT&T Reservationless Conference System account holder, you have access to a host of options to help you ensure your call is a success. Here are a few tips to have at the ready so you – and participants – have a positive teleconference experience.

Remember: When using any prompts that are more than one number (e.g., *7 5), you must pause between each number and wait for the system prompt.

Background noise can negatively affect the quality of your conference calls. This is especially true when calls include a large number of participants. Consider one of these scenarios:

  • Use silence mode for entering/leaving the current call – (*3) This will silence the beeps that everyone hears when participants call in/drop off the conference line.

o If this is your first time using this feature, listen closely to the prompts when making your selection. Your choices are name record, tones, silence and name announce.

o You may also set silence mode as the default for all future calls by entering (*7 5) and following the prompts.

  • Mute all lines except your host line (*7 8)

o If a participant needs to speak, he or she can simply unmute their phone (*6) and then place it back on mute (*6) when they are finished.

o You may unmute all lines (*7 0)

  • Ask participants to mute their phone (*6)

o They can unmute (*6) when they are contributing to the discussion.

  • Use broadcast mode (*7 1)

o You can mute all lines except yours and not allow participants to unmute their phone.

o Under this scenario, you are the only one who can speak during the call.

Monitor Access/Participation

While there is no way to prevent your meeting invitations from being forwarded to others, you have a number of options to help you manage access to your calls. For example:

  • Use the roll call feature to obtain the names of participants on the line (*9) – not recommended for large calls. If you select this feature, just remember that entering the # key at any time will take you back to the main conference.

o Activate the name announce feature when participants enter/exit the call for this call (*3).

o Activate the name announce feature for all future calls (*7 5 4).

  • Lock the call (*4) – to prevent anyone (including the AT&T operator) from gaining access to the call once it has started. You may unlock the call at anytime by entering (*4).
  • Obtain a count of the participants on the line (*5)

o You may access the online teleconference monitor ( at any point during your call to see how many participants have dialed in.

  • Activate an optional security code – call the AT&T Reservationless Conference Center and activate this service on your individual host account. Once added to your account, the host will hear an additional prompt.

o If you use this feature, remember to share the security code you created with participants.

And Don’t Forget…

  • You may access a more complete list of conference call functions once you enter your conference by pressing *#.
  • Press the # key from anywhere in the menu to take you back to the main conference.
  • Press (*0) at any time for assistance from an AT&T specialist.
  • Call the AT&T Conference Center 800-526-2655 to make changes for all future calls.
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