How to edit a report item?

Log in into SharePoint Online

  1. Navigate to the site containing the list for which you want to add /or edit an item. Click here to navigate.
  2. Enter your AFGE's email address and password to log in into SharePoint Online.


Edit an item inline

     1. Click edit at the top of the list. See sample below:


 2. Enter the information for the list item. Note the following:

  • For columns that require information, if you do not enter anything, an error message displays next to the column.
  • You cannot attach a file to a list item when editing inline. However, you can still attach a list item by adding the item with a form.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • When you are finished entering the information, click Stop editing this list.
  • To discard any information you entered, click the ellipsis …next to the item and click Delete Item from the drop-down menu.


Edit Item with a form


 1. Select the item you want to edit.


2. Click on the ITEMS tab



3. Select "Edit Item" to a open the form. In  this menu you can also select "New Item" (to add a new one), "View Item" (to view data) or "Delete Item" (delete the item).

 2. Enter the information for the list item and click Save.


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