Transfer a member

1. To transfer a member click on “ADD OR TRANSFER” link

2. Enter the entire SSN of the member to be transferred and click Enter/Tab

3. A message “Member is Active in this Local Lxxxx, please edit the member from your member roster” will be shown when you try to transfer a member who belongs to the same local.

4. A message will be shown “The member is a current officer of Lxxxx, please contact the National Office to transfer member” when you try to transfer member with Officer Position : 1,2,3 or 95

5. When you try to transfer a member without Officer Positions:1, 2, 3, or 95 then the system will request to enter the Member Last Name or First Name

6. When no matching record is found with SSN and First Name or Last Name combination, a message “Sorry, Name does not match. Try to enter the name again or contact National (Data Processing at 202-639-6947) for assistance.” will be displayed.


7. When a matching record exist one of the following case arise

  • If the member Paygroup is not manual then the system will not allow to transfer the member
  • When the Paygroup is Manual then the system will display a message “Member is Active in the Local Lxxxx . Continue to Transfer...” highlighting the mandatory field and will populate the existing member information.

The member data populated can be updated excluding the Join/Rejoin Date field value which remains as Read Only

The mandatory fields Join Reason, Agency and Sign Date fields will be blank and needs to be filled.

8. Click on the Transfer member button and any one of following message will be displayed

  • An error message will be displayed(Ex: data missing in mandatory fields, incorrect date value etc.,) if data entered needs correction



  • A message " Member was transferred successfully" will be displayed if all the data entered is as per the business rule


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