Adding a Member

1. To add a member click on “ADD OR TRANSFER” link


2. Enter the entire Social Security Number of the member to be transferred and click Enter/Tab

  • The Social Security Number field does not accept special characters or alphabets
  • A message will be displayed to the user "Member is Active in this Local ##### please edit the member from your member roster" when the user enters an existing Social Security Number and click Enter/Tab.


  • A message will to be displayed: "Continue to add a new member.." when the user enters a Social Security Number which does not exist and clicks Enter/Tab. All the fields will be enabled with the mandatory fields highlighted

3. Fill the member details in the form and click on Submit

  • An error message will be displayed if data entered needs correction
  • An address suggestion dialog box is displayed when the address provided is not validated. Among the suggestion list, choose the most appropriate address and click on Accept button.
  • Upon successful submission of form the system will display a confirmation message “Member information was added successfully. The New Member ID is: ##########". "Add New Member" button will be enabled if the user wants to continue adding more members or close button can be clicked to close the member record. "Add New Member" button has been added to allow fast data entry and members can still be added by closing the member record and clicking on Add/Transfer button on the main member grid.


Note: When user enters Social Security Number of a member dropped over 90 days, the Membership information will be cleared and will display Basic and Address information of the member allowing to reinstate the member as new add


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