Description of various fields in the member form



Basic Information

  • Social Security Number – The Social Security Number of the new member with 9 digits length in the format xxx-xx-xxxx
  • First Name – Specify the First Name of the member
  • MI – An option to provide the Middle Name of the new member
  • Last Name - Specify the Last Name of the member
  • Suffix – Option to select the Suffix from the list provided. The list includes
      • Sr
      • Doctor of Philosophy
      • Esquire
      • II
      • III
      • IV
      • Jr
      • Medical Doctor
      • Reverend
  • Ethnicity – Option to choose the Race from the list
      • African American
      • Asian
      • Caucasian
      • Hispanic
      • Indian
      • Middle Eastern
      • Native American
  • Gender – Male/Female
  • Date of Birth – The field to mention the Birth Date of the member in the MM/DD/YYYY format


  • Join Reason – This field indicates the recruitment method. This field lets you choose any of the following value
      • METRO
      • REFERRAL
      • UNION_FAIR
      • WALKIN
  • Member Type – Pick a value from the list provided
      • Active member
      • Active military/Deferral
      • Season Off
      • Seasonal On
      • Special Retired Affiliate


1) Special Retired Affiliate member type is for those members dropped and being reinstated with a break in service.

2) On the member edit screen, officer can change members to regular, active military, season on, season off and retired only, NOT special retired affiliate.

  • Agency – Select the Agency from the drop down list
  • Council – This field is un editable and the value for this field is auto populated depending on the Agency value chosen
  • Sign Date – This is the recruitment information where the Sign Date needs to be provided which should not be future date and not older than 6 months. It has to follow the MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Join/Rejoin Date – The initiation date when a new member is added. This value needs to follow the MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Officer Position – Allows you to add Officer Position for the new member. The Officer position can be added by clicking on ‘Add New Officer Position’ button

Contact Information

  • Address Line 1 – Specify the address of the member
  • Address Line 2 – Specify the address of the member
  • Country – Mention the Country of the member. This field will have a default value as ‘United States’
  • State – Lets you choose the State from the list provided
  • Zip – Enter zip code of the location of the new member. Upon entering the correct zip code, the City and State value will be auto populated
  • City –Enter the city of the new member
  • Home Phone – Enter the Home Phone number of the member and also lets you choose Home Phone number as the primary contact number by selecting the default radio button
  • Work Phone/Ext – Enter the Work Phone number of the member along with the extension. You can choose Work Phone number as the primary contact number by selecting the default radio button
  • Cell Phone - Enter the personal phone number of the member and also lets you choose this phone number as the primary contact number by choosing the default radio button
  • Home Email – Enter the personal email ID of the new member
  • Work Email – Enter the official email ID of the new member
  • Mailing Preference – Mailing preference can be chosen as Email/Mail/Unsubscribe. When ‘Email’ option is selected, make sure the Home Email/ Work Email field is filled.

Card Information

  • Last Card printed on – This field indicates the last time the member card was printed and mail to the member.
  • Request New Card – You can request for a new card by selected this check box
  • MEMBER FORMS 1187/1158/1188 - Allow the user to add the member's forms (1187/1158/1188).


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