Print Member Labels

Member Labels can be printed by 2 ways

  • Gathering the whole roster
  • Based in search criteria

Gathering the whole roster

Click on the "Print Mail Labels" on the mail member page

This will open the document in a new window

Based in search criteria

The search criteria can be specified in 2 ways

  • Enter the Social Security Number, Member ID or first few letters of First Name or Last Name of the member in the search field and click enter 

  • Use the 'Advanced Search' option to specify the search criteria

2. Upon clicking the Advanced Search the below list of options appear

Select the filter and click on 'Apply Filter' button to display the list of members matching the search criteria

Click on the "Print Mail Labels" on the main member page

This will open the document in a new window

IMPORTANT System Requirements:
You must set the "PDF print settings" every time you print labels. Otherwise they won't align with the paper border.

This feature has been designed for Adobe Systems' PDF format. To view and print, you will need Acrobat Reader 7.0 or newer. if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here

Labels Standards:
The labels are formatted to print on Avery 5160 Label sheets (30 labels per page)

PDF Print Settings
Please make sure that :

  • Page Scaling Type is set to None
  • Checkbox Auto-Rotate under Print Handling are unchecked
  • Page Zoom is set to 100%

Make sure that Acrobat won't scale the page for print. Options like "Center and Rotate", "Scale Page to Fit", "Shrink page to margin" should be disabled at the time of printing. Always print one page as a test to make sure these settings are correct in your computer.


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