Performance Report

1. Click on “DASHBOARD” link on the main page

2. Report can be generated using different filters combination; National data, District, Council and Locals

Data can be viewed selecting the main dashboard page filters from the corresponding drop down. .

The various filters available are

  • Filter by Month

  • Filter by Year

  • Filter by Scope   

  • Filter by District

  • Filter by Council

  • Filter by Local


3. Once the filter is selected, click on the Performance Report button displayed at the bottom of myLocal Dashboard page

3. On clicking on the Performance Report button, the report will open in a new webpage



  • This report can be viewed in an Excel sheet or in a word document or as PDF document by choosing the save option on the page

This will open a popup window to save the file

  • Clicking on the PDF image on the page will open the report in a PDF format

  • To reload the report click on the below image in the webpage

This report describes performance values throughout several years for AFGE. This report includes information like Total Membership, new members add, members drop, local membership etcetera.

Data from year 2008 to present is generated.


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