Reinstate Member


1. Click on “REINSTATE A MEMBER” link

2. The list of members dropped within 90 days from current date will be displayed

3. Choose the member to be reinstated by either of the following approach

  • Select the member to be reinstated from the list of dropped members on the main member grid


   Select a member by clicking on the blue, left plus icon 


  • Enter any of the following information of the member to be dropped in the search field and click enter or click 'Go'
    • Last Name First Name ( Example: Watt Peter) 
    • Last Name 
    • First Name 
    • Member Id (Enter a numeric value. It can be the complete or partial number) 
    • SSN (Use the following format: XXX-XX-XXXX) 


Select the member from the search list by clicking on the blue, left plus icon.


Click on 'ADVANCED SEARCH' to open the filter panel

Click on the filters listed to select them and click on Apply Filters to start the search.

Select the member from the search list by clicking on the blue, left pencil icon.

3. The member information page will open displaying a message "Member was dropped on XXXXXXXX from this Local(Lxxxx). Drop Reason: XXXXXX" indicating the drop reason and the date when the member was dropped

4. Select the Reinstatement method below the Join/Rejoin Date field

  • Reinstatement without a break in service - your local will be charge retroactive PCT billing from drop date to current date.

  Upon choosing this option join/rejoin date is changed to read only

  • Reinstatement with a break in service - a new join date (initiation) is required.

This option will clear the join/rejoin date value to allow user to enter new value.  The new value will be defaulted to current date and also allows officer to update the date to within the current month but no future date. 


5. The Join Reason has a default value as 'REINSTATE' and that can be changed.

Enter the Sign Date

Select the Agency values and click on 'Reinstate' button on the member details page

5. The member details page will remain open displaying a successful reinstatement message depending on the Reinstatement scenario.


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