Electronic Asset Retirement Process

At the end of its useful life, AFGE may retire and/or dispose of equipment.  All IT equipment retirement must be in accordance with Finance and Information Services practices regarding asset retirement. 


  1. You must submit the asset tagging information to the Finance Department to have the asset removed from the fixed assets list
  2. All desktops, laptops, tablets, and/or cellular telephones must be returned to Information Services for sanitization and/or destruction.  When sending devices, always use UPS or USPS with tracking features.

It is our standard practice to securely wipe tablet and cellular devices that retain potential resale value.  Tablets and cellular devices with resale or donation value may then be processed outside of AFGE. 

It is our standard practice to securely destroy all hard drives and storage media.   All hard drives must be destroyed.  In no instance will a hard drive or media device utilized by AFGE be donated, regardless of measures taken to sanitize data from the media.  Computer systems with resale or donation value may then be processed outside of AFGE.

Staff with removable media, such as CD-ROMs and USB flash drives, are required to securely destroy this media.  These media may be broken into several pieces.  If you would like for IT to handle secure media destruction, return the devices to Information Services using UPS or USPS with tracking features.

Additional guidance and policy will be provided in the coming months as AFGE moves through full adoption of NIST 800-53 information security practices.

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