iPhone and iPad - New Device and Upgrade Orders

The iPhone 7 platform is AFGE's current smart phone standard.  Every new device comes with a two-year AT&T agreement that includes a discounted device purchase.  At the end of a two-year contract cycle, the device is eligible for upgrade.

The iPad 2 Air platform is AFGE's current tablet standard.

Acquiring a New or Upgraded Device

To acquire a new or upgraded device:

  1. Fill out the purchase order form attached to this article. (Please note: the form may indicate a prior iPhone version, but the current version will be ordered.) All purchases orders must be approved by your supervisor.
  2. Upon approval, forward the Purchase Order to AFGE Finance for processing.

The device will be ordered upon notification from Finance that a purchase order number has been assigned.

Not Sure if You are Upgrade Eligible?

If you are uncertain if you are upgrade eligible, please enter a ticket here.

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