Register for an Account on the Website

Click here for the complete FAQ on accessing the website.

An account on the website allows you access to Members Only content.

To register for an AFGE.ORG account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the account registration page here.
  2. Verify your AFGE membership by selecting and filling out one of the following two confirmation methods:
  • SSN and Zip Code
  • Member ID and last 4 digits SSN

  1. Click "Continue".
  2. Fill out the on-screen form, then click "Create" to register your account.

If you receive a message that your information cannot be confirmed, your membership may not have been relayed to AFGE by your Agency Payroll and/or your information has not yet been added to the AFGE database by your Local Officer. In most cases, your membership is added shortly after your first dues withholding occurs. If you have questions regarding the status of your addition to the National roster, please contact your Local Union officers.

For assistance from a help desk agent, please open a help desk ticket by clicking here.

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