Manage Your Duo Security Linked Devices

Once you have enrolled one or more devices, you can subsequently edit those devices, or enroll a new device, as follows:

  1. From your Home page, select your user name in the upper right, then select Settings from the dropdown menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Extra Verification section, then click Edit.
  1. Click Manage Devices to edit or enroll a new device.
  1. A Duo login will be pushed to your device.  Login.
  2. To enroll a new device, select Enroll a new device, then continue with the enrollment as described in End User Self-Enrollment.
  3. To edit an existing device, select Actions, then select one of the following edit actions:
  • Change Device Name...
  • Remove Device
  • Set as Default
  1. Once you have completed your edit action, click Done.
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