Adding an Officer

1.) Click on the 'Council Profile' from the main menu.


2.) Click the 'Officers' tab

 3.) List of officers belonging to the council will be displayed on the officers screen.

 4.) Now click on the ‘ADD OFFICER’ button at the bottom of the page.


 5.) The application will allow to search for the member to be added as an officer.

6.) Enter the search criteria (Member ID or First Name or Last Name or first few letters of First Name or Last Name and click on Search to search for the matching records


When no matching members are found, ‘No Records Found’ message will be displayed on the screen.

7.) Click on Officer Positions drop down list next to the member name


8.) Select the officer position and click the ADD button besides the member name.


9.) Click on OK to confirm add position or Cancel to cancel the position.


10.) ‘Officer successfully added’ message will be displayed and officer name will appear in the officer table.





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