MyLocal Release Date: 08/25/2016

Release Features

Advanced Search by Missing Email : New advanced search criteria missing email added to the advanced search – entry status drop down.

Advanced Search members by last 4-digits of SSN : Members can be searched using last four digits of the SSN in advanced search SSN field.

Message displayed under Join/Rejoin date : For anniversary date information, please contact your payroll office.

New Drop Reason : Drop reason ‘Left During Probation’ added to the drop reasons list.

Page Refresh : Clicking on the AFGE logo will refresh the page.

Missing SSN for New Members, only for Service Fee locals : Now service fee locals will have the option to enter a member to MyLocal3 if the member SSN is missing. Selecting the missing SSN option will generate automatic incremental SSN for the member.



Reinstate button : Reinstate button will be enabled for members dropped for less than 90 days when the member is searched from advanced search. It was not displayed earlier.

MyAFGE Label Overlap Bug on Dropped Members : Users were not able to copy memberID or click on the eye icon to display last 4-digits of SSN if there was a message displayed on the member edit screen. Issue resolved.

Tabs for the membership product suite will display the product name.



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