How to Enter your Hudson Code in Your ADP Timecard

To enter or change your Hudson Code for hours worked, use the "Transfer" column in your timecard as described below.


Using the "Transfer" column in a NON-EXEMPT timecard

For a Non-Exempt timecard, you need only enter a Hudson code for your first time punch in a day. You do not need to reenter the Hudson code for your time punch after lunch; your Hudson code will apply to all entries made for the rest of the calendar day. (Non-Exempt employees must enter a Hudson code for each individual day, but only once per day.)

A Non-Exempt timecard is shown below:



Finding the "Transfer" column in an EXEMPT timecard

The Hudson code in an Exempt timecard applies to all entries on the same line; therefore, any one Hudson code only needs to be entered once per week. (To add another Hudson code to a timecard, add a new line to the timecard and select the Pay Code "Hours Worked".)

An Exempt timecard is shown below:


Finding the Hudson Code in the Transfer dialog box

For all employees (both Non-Exempt and Exempt): Select the Hudson code from the Chargeable-Hudson dropdown in the dialog box that opens after you click "Search":


Select a Hudson code for subsequent entries from the Transfer dropdown on the timecard, as shown below:



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