Adding an App from the OKTA Browser Plugin

End users can instantly add most standard online apps to their Okta Home Page, with a single click. When users enter credentials to log in to an online app (whether in the OAN or not), Okta displays a banner offering to save the app's password. Clicking Save Password automatically adds the app to the user's Okta Home Page. 

User-added image

  • To disable the feature for the current app, click Never for this App.
  • To disable the feature for all apps, click Disable for all apps.

About the app logo – Whenever possible, we include the site's official logo when we create the app chiclet. If we can't include the official logo, we create a custom logo using the first letter of the site's name and a randomly-chosen background color. This custom logo becomes the app's standard logo for the entire org. If other orgs add the same app, their custom logo is typically assigned a different background color

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