8x8 Virtual Office Software Quick Start Guide

8x8 Virtual Office software for PC and Mac provides you with:

  • Call control over your Polycom telephone
  • HD audio with transfer, park and 3 way calling
  • Search and browse through your corporate directory
  • Import Outlook, Exchange, Skype for Business and Google contacts
  • Visual voicemail


  1. Open 8x8 Virtual Office on your computer.  The program can be found under the Start Menu -> Programs.
  2. Click Use Single Sign On
  3. Enter your AFGE Email Address and click Continue
  4. Click Log in using SSO.  If prompted, complete your MyAFGE/OKTA login.

To Use Your Polycom Phone instead of Your Computer

  1. Click the Phone icon
  2. Change I'm calling from: to Polycom VVX 500

The Virtual Office desktop will automatically load with Windows going forward.

The Quick User Guide for the Virtual Office Desktop app for Mac and Windows is available here and attached to this article.

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